Preaching from the Pad

I have been using the Ipad 2 for the past 20 months or so and found it to be a helpful tool for communication. Here are some lessons I have learned that might help those venturing in the same territory:
Don’t just rely on your Ipad. As it’s a gadget – it can malfunction or fail you at an crucial point. Have a plan B. Either be confident to speak without notes, use your Powerpoint as guide or have a paper back-up.

Have a Bible with you. Yes, you have Bible apps but there is something healthy in the rustling of the pages as well as the sight of God’s word for God’s people. And, if something goes wrong, you still have the text in front of you.

Make sure that it is absolutely silent. Turn off both sound and notifications. It’s obvious that you don’t want constant pings disrupting your audience while you are speaking.

If you have wifi access, you might want to double check it does not interfere with the wireless system in the venue. Turning it off saves battery as well.

Make sure that your Ipad is fully charged. You don’t want surprises. It happens more often than you think and you’re not immune to that.

Check the lighting in the venue and adjust accordingly. You might want to ask someone in the venue (if it is a darker venue) if the pad-glow is distracting.

if you are speaking in a new venue, it is worth checking beforehand regarding the stand. Check if it’s at the right height and suitable for it. This will save you panic-stricken stress when you get there.

Use it as a tool not as an ostentatious hipster trophy. The less noticeable and evident it is the better. The focus should be God and His word.

Make sure that the auto-switch off is off. I had that happen to me a few times and in the moment there was a bit of panic.

Stating the obvious – reads like the silly notices on products that protect companies from lawsuits. They are there for a reason. others made stupid mistakes. Don’t have drinks anywhere near it and don’t leave it lying around.