Advertising influences us far more than we realize.
The Superbowl is always a prime occasion to showcase the latest ads.

Here is one that seemed to capture the viewer’s attention.

I really found its message troublesome.

…materialism rules ok… if only you had daddy’s luxury car to change your life.
…courage, real courage is about kissing the most attractive girl who is (probably) someone else’s girlfriend.
… oh, and that fuels further courage to seemingly drive very fast in a powerful car, as a novice.

Pity, as this was genial from 2011.


Today’s ‘Friday Fast-forward’ is dedicated to a visual/audio media focus. I hope that you will enjoy it. On reflection it will probably be a rollercoaster journey from beauty to raw misery and back again.

THE COFFEE CHAIR: This is a brilliant lesson on how to use a projector in a very creative way. It’s simple, surprising and very efficient.

THE POWER OF THE WAVES: A clip with ‘Ten time World Champion Surfer’ Kelly Slater. The interview is interesting enough but the HD videography is truly marvellous.

A thoughtful and poignant contrast of two (almost) identical yet so different scenarios on our planet.

DIRTY HORRIBLE JOB: This might re-focus your own reflections on how unpleasant your job might be, Consider the very desperate fate of a Dalit manual scavenger lady. A brilliant piece by the fab BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

BIRDY – SHELTER: I have listened to this so much without getting tired. Not bad for a 15 year-old. Enough said.