Rescued sinner. Apprentice of Jesus. Living for God’s renown. Loving people. Investing in the soul. Passionate about communication. Citizen of the world. Interested in tech.



  1. Phil · October 3, 2007

    Well it’s great to see you entering the blogasphere mate, I look forward to reading what you ahve to say.

  2. Erica · October 5, 2007

    Great to see you in blogland … keep it up!!

  3. Wilfred Bouma · February 15, 2008

    Nice to see your thinkings!1

  4. Graham Chastney · October 26, 2009

    Have you seen an increase in interaction to your musings since you have been posting the links to Facebook?

    • murgsy · October 26, 2009

      Absolutely. My generation and under doesn’t do good with memory. They live in the now…hehehe. see it. check it.

  5. prayerwalking87 · December 11, 2013

    Like the new header image. (Dec 2013).

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