Fresh Vision

Photo by David Travis on Unsplash

How constrained is our vision,
how inadequate our words,
how paltry our love for you, Lord God,
in the wake of all that you have done,
in the wake of all that you have disclosed of yourself in your Son through your Word.

Fill our hearts with joy
that we may not only be ashamed of sin and loathe it,
but also that we may be drawn to your own dear Son,
to holiness, to transparent love for one another –
all secured by Christ and his work on the cross on our behalf.

Draw us on to the new heaven and the new earth
precisely because that will also make us better stewards of your grace here.

Grant that even now we may understand in our own experience
how the Holy Spirit is the deposit of the promised inheritance,
the anticipation of what will one day be.

Grant us the power to grasp,
together with all of God’s people,
the limitless dimensions of your love for us.

Shape our lives by gratitude and adoration.

Give us courage and stamina
and with it holy joy and a love for all that is holy.

Open our eyes to see Jesus,
the cost that he bore,
the grace that he pours out upon us,
until we are ravished by his beauty,
consumed by a heart full of adoration.

For Jesus’ sake,

D.A. Carson, The God Who Is There

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