Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash


It’s Sunday. If there has ever been a comeback, this is it. When all the dreams seemed shattered and all the hopes dashed – it happened. Not even the most optimistic of followers expected it. And many didn’t believe it. It was THAT good!

The unlikely heroes are in fact the usual suspects. Someone like Mary, the poster girl for Jesus’s grace and power. And Peter, who didn’t take heed of Jesus’s warning and despite his natural boldness, betrays Jesus repeatedly. They are the ones to discover the greatest surprise of all times… so like Jesus.

This truth is an experience. A personal one. A significant one. One that Christ followers have built their lives ever since. It’s awesome because it proves that what He said was true, and therefore He can be trusted with everything else! It’s awesome because it proves that He defeated, evil, sin and death on the Cross! It’s awesome because transformation and victory are, therefore, possible for us too!

Let Easter come into your life too, for the first time maybe or for the umpteenth time afresh this year. Let His unflinching resolve towards the Cross be your talisman of love. Let His grace be your whisper of love as you look on the cross. Let His victory fuel your hopes and dreams. Let the empty tomb be the assurance that because He lives you too can face tomorrow. Christ is Risen!

Matthew 28:1-8 | Mark 16:1-9 | Luke 24:1-8 | John 20:1

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