Photo by Volfangel on Unsplash


It’s Saturday. It’s very quiet. The quietness of broken dreams. The quietness of grief and loss. The quietness in which you can only hear the sighs and see the tears. It’s all gone wrong.

You know that maddening quietness that occurs after a sudden diagnosis, after a loss or breakup – as you’re almost too confused and shocked to even utter anything.
When it’s quiet it’s so much easier to be assaulted by so many questions. I guess that’s why we fill our lives with noise, in the hope that the questions will go away. But they don’t….

How could they do this to Him? Why didn’t He do something to stop His enemies? How does this all tie in with His words? Have I believed a lie? Will I be next?

Today is a hard day. Because all they have is broken dreams. But all is about to change because our human full stop becomes the divine comma that leads to the next step in HIStory.

Take comfort, dear friends, you’re not alone in how you feel. You might feel weak but it’s this kind of weakness that opens the door for God’s mighty power.

Luke 23:56

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