Photo by Myriam Zilles on Unsplash


It’s Thursday. What would you do in the last day before your execution? Do something selfish? Be with those whom you love? Hide away?

If yesterday seemed like a slow day, today it really picks up pace. Jesus seems to focus on spending with the disciples, not for His encouragement but for their edification.

He distills the essentials. His sacrificial death and the link to salvation (Last Supper). The importance of a divine relationship (abide). The upside down nature of Kingdom servant hood (foot washing). He demonstrates it practically, not just in words, with a real life reminder. Just so they will not be ignorant or forget.
It makes me wonder how many of the essentials get lost in unimportant details?

We don’t want a broken Saviour because it makes Him look weak, and oh, how we despise weakness… We prefer a contract signed sealed and delivered, without any further interference, rather than abiding… We love to see the towel and the basin used, just not by us but for us…

Then Jesus retreats. His only seemingly ‘me’ time is in prayerful struggle. And how much this does not resemble our prayer. This is maybe where the battle of Calvary was half won. This is maybe where the resolution is sealed and the emotions are strengthened. This is the unedited Jesus. The One I can relate to every time I intercede for those not yet answered prayers. Yes, He understands…

Matthew 26:17-25 | Mark 14:12-31 | Luke 22:7-38 | John 13 & 14

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