Smartphones and Spirituality

Photo by Halacious on Unsplash

Like most things in life, smartphones are amoral. They can use you or you can use them. They can be a pain or a profit. Especially to our spiritual dimension of life.

While I highlighted some of the perils – they can be used in an amazing way too. Here are some ideas.

Listen to the Bible – while I’m not a fan of reading the Bible on a smartphone and would encourage the use of a hard copy – this is a very useful tool for people who struggle with reading. Most Bible apps have either a streaming or even offline facility for this purpose. The other great use for a smartphone Bible app is sending encouraging Bible verses via share as an sms. Recommended apps: YouVersion Bible or

Use lists for praying for people. It’s easy to hear or see a prayer and forget about it -why not jotting it down straight away and reviewing it daily. You can use designated prayer apps like (PrayerMate or Echo) or just a good list app like Wunderlist.

Use Calendar for scheduling – that way you will prioritize and organize your life in a smarter and more intentional way. Set reminders accordingly to ensure punctuality.

Use your texting app for sharing needs and sending encouragement. It’s quick and extremely effective. It shows care and vulnerability. Perfect tool for edifying relationships.

Podcasts are a great way to catch up with your own church’s sermons (our has one for Android, CFM Podcasts) or other sermons or teaching. You can use the stock app for Iphone or I recommend Pocket Casts for Android. Be discerning though. While you won’t find an author/church ministry you will agree with everything – I am sure that there are some better avoided.

2 thoughts on “Smartphones and Spirituality

  1. Really good stuff (as always). PrayerMate has really helped me and writing down prayer needs in a diary makes the usual, ‘I’ll pray for you’ become a reality. Some of us older folk need as many reminders as possible!!

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