Start the Smartphone Detox

Photo by Vojtech Bruzek on Unsplash
Smartphones distract. That’s their curse. The lure is information and the trade off is distraction. They distract me from reading, praying and engaging socially. Not that this is a new battle. I have plenty of excuses and distractions even without a smartphone. But the smartphone just amplifies them.

Smartphones feed the pride beast. We snoop. We boast. We try to be witty. We clamor for attention. So that we feel better about ourselves. We worship at the temple of self and the smartphone is our taxi there.

Being ‘wired’ can have spiritual pluses and minuses. For me isolation is not an option. While in some cases and for some personalities – avoidance and abstinence is recommendable – often self-control is the better way forward.

Maybe we need to start with a detox. You only know how addicted your are to caffeine when you get the raging headaches. They tell a story and expose us to the truth: addiction. Take a break from your social networks and see how you feel. What do you miss? Hod does it affect your mood? How does it impact the people around you? With holidays just around the corner for most people – this might be the best time for it. This could be the first step.

The next step is a thoughtful one of examination and elimination. And it’s personal. You can’t make a universally applicable filter. Here are some of your decisions:

  • do you need a smartphone or a dumb phone? Is it for work or personal?
  • what should your smartphone be used for? If you have a tablet or computer, you could probably do most things on that. Is it a communication tool, a media device or your primary tool for gathering information?
  • you need to decide when should your smartphone be used? Should you have it in meetings? In cafes? In the bedroom?
  • what apps to you need to have: what do you delete, keep and install?
I am sure that we can ask even more. But that’s a start. Now it’s time to act.

In my next post I will attempt to show a redemptive way of using smartphones as useful spiritual tools.

3 thoughts on “Start the Smartphone Detox

  1. Really agreeing with these posts on smartphones…. very challenging!! Deffinatly gonna try the dettox. Great message and great challenge!!

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