The Scandal of Grace

Fakes are frustrating. They look the part but never satisfy. If you don’t believe me, try to get some EDT from the net. Smells like the real deal – just doesn’t last. I still remember seeing a pair of Nikes trainers with the ‘swoosh’ in the other direction – that bad that it almost looked hip…

Here is a bold statement, perhaps: ‘grace isn’t realty grace if it’s not scandalous’. Jesus tells an intriguing parable about a vineyard owner who hires people at different stages of the day and ends paying them the same amount. Look closely and the story is presenting a fair man that keeps his word but gives grace to the latecomers…

Some are scandalized by the story because they play the comparison game. Or maybe because they are jealous. Or self-righteous. We are more than happy with the God who forgives ‘not so bad’ people. Those who are a bit like us. Moral, yet slightly warped. From time to time. But then we all have our categories: ‘the others’ – the ones we dislike, the ones that frustrate us, the ones that frighten us… each with our own personalized blind spots of lovelessness.

The truth is – harsh but healthy truth – we are them.
God doesn’t grade sin.
We are sinful. the late comers in the parable.
Deserving next to nothing.
Yet lavished with a unexpected and scandalous grace
And that’s just happened, even today.

Live like you’ve just been graced out!

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