When God Draws Near

A Beautiful poem by my friend Joe.

When God draws near
People Sing,
The Angels
Mary, Magnifying,
Souls exploding
Gushing Forth

Those moments
When rocks would cry out
If he had not just softened
The rocks into flesh

When we sat down and wept
Believing we were abandoned
Our captive hearts were like
Lifeless stone
Sunk, in the rivers
Of Babylon,

But when God draws near
There is singing,
What will be my song?
Is my heart still granite
In exile
Abandoned, by the waters
Of Babylon?

When Immanuel comes
What will be my Song?
In this,
The latest
You’ve shown
You’ve been here
All along,

Never will you leave me
Nothing will cause you to forsake
Your exiled children,
In the desert
Nothing will make you break
Your promise,

God with us
Through waters
And through Flame
O come to us
O dwell in us
forever more the same.

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