Why Are You Here

This is a wonderful, heart-searching and poignant poem from a Christian friend – who kindly allowed me to share it with you all:

Why Are You Here?

“I’m here because I’ve helped the frail put out their refuse sacks.”
“I’m here because I never cheat and pay my income tax.”
“I’ve played the organ sixty years, while other people sing,
My music filled the church, all said, ‘It is a splendid thing!’”
“I’ve sat upon the Council in matters great and small,
I’ve been the Mayor and tried to serve the people – one and all.”

“A quiet life I’ve always led,
Trying to do as my Mother said,
I’ve not got drunk, I didn’t swear,
My party clothes I didn’t tear!
Morality? Ten out of ten,
Far more righteous than other men.”

Surely, Lord, You must find room for us in Heaven’s glory,
Just listen while we tell You our self promoting story,
We’ve all known hardship, pain and fear,
We do deserve to join You here.
We’ve done our best, though it’s been tough earning our place,
Isn’t that enough?

But listen to what the Saviour says:

Heaven’s not for those who boast, who think their job is done,
Not for those who can recite their good deeds one by one,
Not for those whose trust is placed in what they can achieve,
On sermons preached, and Bibles read, or knowing every Creed.
For who would get the glory if I let these people in?
They’d be there in their own right – not My sacrifice for sin,
If they deserved their place in heaven My death would be in vain,
Calvary counted worthless, and resurrection – tame.

It’s grace, and grace alone, that counts, it is a gift for you,
It’s Who you trust to save you, not all the things you do.
It’s Christ’s work, start to finish, so He will get the glory,
In Him we boast, declaring loud this glorious Gospel story.
So where does your faith lie, I ask? Don’t trust in your own merit.
The gift is free, the gift’s for you – His heaven to inherit.

Susan Richards
December 2014

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