Apple of Temptation

No, this is not about Adam and Eve or even Jony or Tim. This is about me.

Last week, Apple launched the new IOS 8 update. A new IOS is always eagerly expected. It adds new functions and often almost feels like your device is a new one.

My device is a an older one – they don’t make that particular model anymore. But ‘old’ in terms of tech nowadays is anything from yesterday rather than yesteryear.

There were plenty of online tech gurus who warned against upgrading, even though might Apple said the device was upgradeable. I was torn. I wanted the new features but didn’t want the hassle of a device that is so slow, it’s rendered useless. And there was this…curiosity. This niggling desire not to feel left out.

I updated and it wasn’t good. And I am understated in my evaluation. Thankfully I was able to restore to the older IOS.

There are lessons to be learned though. For me, some are spiritual lessons.

  • Temptation will always dim the warnings and highlight the ‘benefits’. Rose tinted glasses complementary. Think carefully. Read the spiritual small print. Weigh the implications.
  • Temptation will always play at your insecurities about ‘missing out’. Everyone is having fun and you’re not… Truth is: appearances are very deceptive.
  • Temptation will almost always leave you full of regrets and often make you look like a fool. Don’t fall for it. Play the ‘if…then’ scenario just to see if you’re really willing to look like a fool.
  • Temptation almost always will use impatience as a strong avenue by providing short-cuts from the narrow but right path. Short-cuts need to be double checked as they often get you lost.
  • Temptation will play on your discontent with the simple things that you have – pushing you towards the next ‘must have’ materialistic idol. Contentment is rare and must be cultivated daily. You’ll reap a great reward from that.

One comment

  1. prayerwalking87 · October 9, 2014

    “Temptation will always play at your insecurities about ‘missing out’. Everyone is having fun and you’re not… Truth is: appearances are very deceptive.” The last sentence. Yeah, tell myself that a lot. Like a mantra. It helps.

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