Stay Connected: Summer & Small Groups

In the past most people’s holidays had a tendency to coincide with the school ones. Things are ever-changing in as our Western society is becoming more complex and fragmented. While most Small Groups in most churches are taking a well-deserved break, a few will probably carry on – attempting to connect with those unaffected by the holiday season.

I see the weekly small groups as one of the two wings that makes a congregation ‘fly’ (along with the Sunday gatherings) and they are the circles that enhance the rows (A. Stanley). Therefore they are vital to the spiritual well-being of both the disciples as well as the church community as a whole.

Here are some (hopefully) helpful ideas to still support and encourage one another during the next few weeks:
  1. Keep praying for those in your small group. Do a list. Find out their needs/passions and hardships. Keep at it. Let them know you’re praying for them.This will be such a support to them.
  2. Keep in touch, even if you’re not meeting, you can still e-mail, text, Facebook, Tweet, Skype, Facetime or whatever the verb for using What’sApp is – what I’m saying is, there’s no excuse nowadays.
  3. Keep an eye on those who might be either particularly vulnerable or lonely. They might never ask for help but very often if you pay attention, you will see their need.
I’d rather keep the list short as there might be a chance we will do at least one of those. Maybe you have even better suggestions. Whatever you do, don’t do NOTHING. Very often it is in those ‘off the calendar’ times that we can prove that we are more than an organised club that functions on duty rather than delight.

And if you’re really stuck – there might be more ideas here:

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