Email is so prevalent now. Almost all ages use it and most of us probably never had a tutorial. So as I have learned ‘on the go’ here are some helpful tips I can pass on.

  1. Use e-mail suitably. Where face to face or phone is better – chose the right option. Even if it’s more difficult and takes longer.
  2. Always acknowledge receipt. It’s courtesy.
  3. If you need more time to digest – let he person know.It’s clarity.Short reply is always better than no reply.
  4. use separate accounts for personal and work. That way you can switch off properly during the weekend and on holidays.
  5. Try to aim for ‘inbox zero’- leaving only very urgent ‘to reply’ in. It’s simplicity.
  6. Use folders | labels and file emails accordingly. It’s easier to find them later.
  7. If you’re not wired – almost always on – let people that  work with you know your habits and rhythms.
  8. Create template emails suited for different needs. They are time savers.
  9. Unless you’re in demand or expecting something extremely important, switch notifications off. they are unnecessary distractions.
  10. If your work requires email – devote a clear amount of time to it rather than moving ‘in and out’.

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