Is ‘Heaven is for Real’ healthy?

There was a craze a few years ago with Heaven is for Real – a book that details a little boy’s death, journey to heaven, return and recollection of heaven. It divided opinion among my Christian friends, and after reading, I felt very uneasy.

The Daily Mail has picked up the story with a headline title today – as the movie is released. that’s why I felt the need to offer some tools you might find helpful in your evaluation of the issues.

While I dislike being negative or critical – I feel there is an important need for discernment on this one.

Here are several resources – you might find helpful – from those whom I will consider a worthy voice:


Tim Challies’ Book Review:

Heaven Is For Real

Randy Alcorn (who imho is the best theologian/writer on ‘heaven’)

Dr. John Piper in a ‘ask Pastor John’ podcast

Dr. David Platt in a Secret Church clip

After you made up your mind on the issues – think of how you can creatively engage with those around you who might go and see the movie – by presenting a Biblical depiction and understanding of heaven.

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