10 for Holy Week

I confess: I love Holy Week. I love seasons and rhythms. I love the variety and the opportunity. Many church traditions can become devoid of significance and perhaps empty rituals. Yet they can also be a missed opportunity. Next week can be just like that. Make it different.

Every year I re-journey with Christ. This prepares me for the depths of the Good Friday ‘low’ as well as the ‘highs’ of Easter Sunday. Yes, it’s both intelligent and emotional, and it strengthens my affection for Christ, it reminds me of how amazing grace is and it reinforces my identity as a disciple.

Here is what you might find helpful too – and none of these are exclusive to Holy Week:

  1. reflect on the relevant gospel passages each day – I’ll post something later
  2. join in with other disciples: Palm Sunday, Thursday, Good Friday and other gatherings
  3. take time to serve the ones you love and maybe you’re taking for granted
  4. take time to be quiet, you will hear people and God more clearly
  5. do some cleaning – not to show off and feel self-righteous but almost as an act of putting off the old and putting on the new
  6. gossip the good news of Easter bringing hope in a pretty hopeless world
  7. let the ugliness of sin and the beauty of grace collide again in your soul
  8. learn to rejoice like you never did before – knowing that Jesus is alive
  9. get outside and experience the Resurrection of nature – through spring , a mirror of God’s redeeming power
  10. do something for the least: maybe unwell, imprisoned, poor or lonely


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