Call the Midwife

Yes, I admit, I love that show. Maybe because of the retro chic closer community. Maybe because of the beauty of dedicated people who have embraced a difficult vocation. Who knows why.I have been challenged a lot recently about the whole process of spiritual birth. I meet people who think they are Christ-followers but they are just religious aficionados. They made a decision – often to do with buying spiritual insurance – but never became disciples. And most of the time it isn’t their fault…

God is at work in sovereign and mysterious ways in people’s lives, long before they start the journey as disciples of Jesus.Yet I also know that we – as a faith community – have a responsibility to birth people spiritually or help people start well. God often works in people’s lives in spite of our amateurism, but that should not be an excuse. A tension between divine sovereignty and human systems.

This is more about me/my ministry rather than a pointed finger at others. I am becoming increasingly challenged about ‘what’ I invite people to respond to – because too often people would commit to just a felt needed in a particular context or an incomplete version of the Gospel – rather than the Gospel.

Here are some of my current penciled resolutions:

  1. Preach the Gospel with simplicity, clarity and courage when you invite someone to become a Christ-follower. Be gracious with yourself knowing that you might struggle to do this well.
  2. Journey with people, don’t rush, don’t push, offer respect – trust the attractive power of the Gospel.
  3. Don’t skirt around the tough issues – this will con people. Jesus often dissuaded superficial followers from just being ‘hangers-on’.
  4. Talk more about ‘kingdom’ and ‘discipleship’ rather than just ‘heaven and hell’ – as life with Christ is for now not just then and it’s a lifestyle rather than a spiritual legal document.
  5. Discipleship is life-apprenticeship rather than just a book or a course. Ideally new believers have believers who are further ahead in the journey, walk with them through real-life situations.

4 thoughts on “Call the Midwife

  1. Amen! Really appreciate this one. Ken and I have been chatting about the same things recently … And ironically I don’t mean the part about calling the midwife! Ha!

  2. Thanks, Vicky,
    First – I was thinking yesterday where you guys vanished…..
    I have tentatively voiced some of these thoughts in my rambling ways and people gave me weird looks. Your comment makes me feel less odd.
    PS – send me an email if you can with an update on you guys.

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