CS Lewis on TV’s

In my research for my sermon for tomorrow I have come across this interesting snippet from a letter by CS Lewis. On July 17, 1953 he wrote a letter to a Mrs. Frank Jones in which he explained why he did not own a TV set:

People who have sets seem to do nothing but go into a huddle over them every evening of their lives, instead of being out walking, or in their gardens. And of course, like all things which begin as luxuries, they end up by being necessities; an unofficial cost of living survey was recently held in our [community], and quite a large percentage of the working class interviewed complained that if prices didn’t come down, or wages go up, they would not be able to maintain their payments on their television sets—which have now become part of the worker’s basic standard of living.   C.S. Lewis, The Collected Letters of C S Lewis, Volume III (Harper Collins, 2007), page 350.

This continues to stir-up my mind and heart about the ‘wants and needs’ of our consumer driven society.

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