Great Prayer

Our Lord in heaven,
our hearts overflow when we think of Your goodness to us.

Even though some of us may have difficult times
and insoluble problems to face,
yet You fit for each one of us Your blessing.

You do not lay upon us any burden we are unable to bear.
You always intend and purpose some good thing for us.
As we are sick,You are teaching us to lean upon Your kind arm.
In our heartaches, You are showing us that You are our hope and our refuge.

Lord, had we a thousand lives to dedicate to You,
it would be too short a time.
We pray that through all eternity we may live in Your presence;
bow before You, sing Your praises, speak of You loving kindness.

O God, how wonderful You are to us.
And we pray that the sweet communion and fellowship of our church
can be felt by even a passerby, a stranger in our midst;
the love of God in Christ Jesus that passes all understanding,
ours to enjoy, to share, to possess forever and ever.
Thank You, Master, for every good thing You give us…

– W. A. Criswell, adapted

HT: Trevin Wax

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