Facebook Matters

Unbelievably, it has been the tenth anniversary since Facebook launched. It’s probably as good a time as any for an evaluation of how it changed our lives. Here are some of my personal reflections.

While I didn’t engage in the whole Facebook movie malarkey, I did look back at some of my old contributions. Just as much as I would have laughed watching recorded footage of my first attempts to ride a bike, it did bring me a smile.

The truth is, life wouldn’t be the same without Facebook. It’s easy to malign its faux sense of ‘friendship’, the nauseating embarrassing pictures, the uber-dull status updates or sadly the many broken marriages (reignited interest in ‘old flames’), the time wasted trying to attract ‘likes’ and the incessant snooping some people engaged in.

Yet, while all these might be unpleasant realities of the Facebook world, I have many reasons to extol its virtues too.

  • It reunited friends otherwise lost in the big wide world.
  • It offered a voice for many isolated people in great need of help.
  • It gives me the chance to rejoice or weep with friends experiencing essential rites of passage.
  • It gives me a visual glimpse into other worlds.
  • It introduces me to beautiful sights, cool bikes and great art.
  • It makes me smile, just when I need it – even involving the silly jumping cats videos.
  • It inspires me through uplifting words.
  • If helps me to share with the world things I am passionate about.
  • It speeds and widens the communication of prayer needs.
  • It is about people, and in a world that becomes increasingly disconnected any communication is a ‘plus’.