Positive Productivity 1.1

I have to confess that I am a ‘sucker’ for anything related to productivity. Probably most of my apps are productivity related.

It might be true for most of ‘my kind’ that we simply love organisation because we might be intrinsically lazy otherwise. There is a huge amount of satisfaction to getting things done. Effectively. With  excellence.

Yet as much as I notice an abundance of tools – they can easily become a distraction rather than a solution. I intend to explore – through my own personal lens – the pluses and perils of contemporary productivity.

I work cross-platform – so I’m not a devotee of one system and that adds to the challenge. Here are some lessons/suggestions that I have found helpful.

Let’s start with email.

  1. Work from separate email accounts. Split work and personal or even having a third account for newsletters and shopping. That way you can really enjoy your day off and arrange things in a more logical order.
  2. Chose a good email provider. I have never used a client like Outlook or Thunderbird and settled for Gmail, simply because the amount of spam i was getting in Hotmail was terrible -even with all settings right. Also since their latest version of livemail – it’s struggling to upload properly.
  3. Dedicate a specific time for e-mail work – if this is part of your job. Set a specific time at the best time of the day and work at them. Probably first thing in the morning and any other time you are less likely to be at your creative/relational peak.
  4. Don’t procrastinate. It will catch up with you. Even if you can’t go into an in depth reply – acknowledge and make sure that you get back to the person
  5. File well. Find a folder system that works for you and file, file, file. this is the equivalent of having a place you keep your passport, keys, etc. It will save you no end of hassle, even with a brilliant search facility.

In the next post(s) I will continue by looking at

  • drafting
  • emailing via mobile devices
  • cc’ing
  • rsvp’ing
  • written words vs. spoken words

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