Mentoring Questions

I have never been mentored in a formal manner, neither have I mentored anyone myself in a formal manner. Still, I believe that mentoring is a very healthy way to grow as disciples and develop as leaders. Here are some questions I would find useful – as part of this process:


  • How do you see Christ right now?
  • Is grace still amazing?
  • Are you set apart for Him?
  • What has Bible been talking to you about recently?


  • Are you a servant?
  • Do you need to forgive?
  • What burdens your soul?
  • Have you been a witness? How?


  • Are you empty or full?
  • Is Christ evident in you at work?
  • Are you working ‘as unto The Lord’?
  • Is your gift your security?


  • What have you learned?
  • Who have you watched?
  • What have you read?
  • What have you listened to?

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