Summer Small Group Ideas

Usually the summer – i.e. month of August can be an opportunity to take a break and come back hungry and refreshed. In our modern world people take holidays at different times through the year so we need to be flexible about the meeting/diary choice. So here are some suggestions I can make:

If your group is still meeting here are some ideas:
  1. do something different! chose something that suits your demographics/context
  2. take turns to lead on a topic that someone is passionate about
  3. run the group as a book club: either reading a skinny book/month or study a short book in the bible (Ruth, 2 Peter, Philippians)
  4. watch a suitable Christian DVD (Walk Across the Room) and discuss afterwards
  5. take time to have a social
  6. invite a guest to talk about a ministry/mission
  7. invite a guest to tell their ‘life story’
  8. use the month to serve together in a practical way: i.e. spruce up Hunter St.; do hardening for ill people
  9. plan a lunch together after church one Sunday
  10. rotate venues for more variety
If your group is not meeting here are some ideas: 
  1. pray personally every day for 1-2 people in your group
  2. text/email them with an encouragement/bible verse
  3. visit another group(s) that are still going on over the summer
  4. offer your practical services: taking someone shopping, help with garden or DIY
  5. use the time allocated to the small group meeting to catch-up each week with one of your fellow small group members not away on holiday
  6. use the time allocated to the small group meeting to go visit someone who is unwell
  7. do a personal Bible study in the ‘one another’ of the New Testament – Google it
  8. if you’re a current leader/aspiring leader in a small group – why not read a small group book (anything by Donahue/Robinson would do)
  9. offer to babysit for a young couple in the church – giving them an opportunity for a break
  10. use the time allocated to input spiritually into your own family: movie/prayer/reading

4 thoughts on “Summer Small Group Ideas

  1. You encouraged us to either have a rest or do some stuff over Summer. We had:
    a BBQ. This was a great night, out on the decking complete with chiminea.
    a presentation and question and answer session with one of our members who does missionary work in Peru.
    a quiz night. We lost by one point to the boys.
    a group meeting in another venue, complete with before and after photos of a house renovation.
    a meal out at a pub in one of the local villages.

    Life Group Summer sorted!

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