Blogging Tips (with ‘L’ plates)

You need to figure out why you blog.
Your motivation will generate interest and will sustain your enthusiasm. Vanity is never a good motivation. Curiosity (can I do this?) – is a pretty good one though.
You need to promote your blog – if you want to share your thoughts with others. Good social media connections will help. You probably need to be intentional as random exposure will not happen.
Keep it short. Love at first sight for me. If it looks long and cluttered – I’m not interested. Break passages down. Keep focused. Do successive posts if need be.
Use clips or images as stand alone post. People interact with concepts in a variety of ways. It’s not just about the words.
Whatever you do – don’t plagiarise or copy/paste someone else’s articles/blogs. Ask permission and acknowledge it.
If you have the time to interact with your readers, allow comments. If not – don’t. Otherwise you can have potential arguments developing that you will need to moderate and that will take time…
Read good bloggers, and keep improving.
Choose a template that is simple – if the text is your main medium. If photography is your tool – you might as well pay and chose a template that is more suited for that.
If you are really talented but undisciplined – try to set yourself a target and stick with it.
If you aren’t that talented – write intuitively (when inspired). Quality not quantity.

2 thoughts on “Blogging Tips (with ‘L’ plates)

  1. (Not for publication)
    I read this post with interest. I actually wrote a post about some of the reasons I blog (I called it ‘Silent Sorrow in Empty Boats’ – from a Genesis track). But I think one reason is I simply can’t help but write!

    I have wondered about the vanity aspect of blogging but as my blog (this one, at least) is semi-anonymous, (sounds like a tautology but I know what I mean!) that’s not really an issue. Occasionally, I have thought,’ ooh, I could turn Publicise on and share my musings with FB friends’ but then I’d lose some of the ability to write pretty much as I think…I’d be tailoring it to an audience and as I alrteady do that in my work blogging gives me freedom.

    I have reblogged a few of your posts. Would you like me to ask before I do that?

    A nice follow up post to this one of yours might be about why you blog!

    Blessings etc,

  2. You can always reblog – of course.
    I will attempt to give a why as well, soon – when I feel ‘it’…..

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