Making Yourself Heard: Delivering the Talk

  • Treat this with humility and seriousness – it’s a great privilege & responsibility!
  • Go over the talk making yourself as familiar to it as you can. The more you commit to memory the more comfortable you will feel delivering it.
  • Write notes on an appropriate piece of paper (if you want to keep it in your Bible A5 might be best). You might want to ask for a stand if possible – that will free your hands and allow you to move. You might want to put a Power Point presentation together – just your points; people might remember them better
  • Try to look at people while you talk. Vary the tone/volume of your voice and avoid becoming a statue. Try to avoid mannerisms (i.e. hands in pockets, grabbing the stand, scratching etc) – they tend to distract people…
  • Don’t start in-jokes with the crowd – it can distract the audience and leave you confused. Be careful with humour – better ask someone wiser if it would be appropriate to use…
  • However challenging you need to be – Be always full of compassion!
  • Make sure that the people do not necessarily remember you or your talk/talent but Jesus – mention Him as much as you can!

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