Making Yourself Heard | Writing

  • Everybody needs to figure out their own style – some write out full notes while others use bullet-pointed systems.
  • Try to start by getting a ‘skeleton’ (scaffolding structure) of your talk; i.e. have a few bullet point ideas.
  • Next step is to try to ‘flesh out’ the skeleton with accompanying explanations of those Bible verses/passage. Keep the Bible and not your ideas central! That’s your authority!
  • Make it practical – show them how the theory works; give examples if you can – bring it ‘down to earth’.
  • In order to illustrate your point you might feel like you want to use quotes or illustrations. These might help some of your audience to connect better with your point or remember it.
  • Work hard at your introduction; you must get people’s attention/interest – like a good movie/drama/stand-up comedy – you need to make them want to hear what you have to say.
  • In conclusion remind them what you said and leave them with something to think and be challenged about! Make it memorable!

2 thoughts on “Making Yourself Heard | Writing

  1. All these seven recommendations – this is what you do when you talk/preach. It’s good to see it written down like this. And partly reveals why i believe you are a gifted speaker. But as i am sure you are aware not the whole story.

  2. Thanks for your kind remarks. You’re right, it’s simply my perspective. I would welcome your input, suggestions and thoughts, as this is your field of expertise.

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