Personal Prayer Tools

In order to develop our personal prayer life, I have discovered that:

1.     There is no blueprint; just hints, i.e. The Lord’s Prayer

2.     We have different personalities and communicate with God differently

3.     I keep learning all the time as I grow as a ‘prayer’

Here are some things that I find helpful. Don’t copy them but they might just spark some inspiration.

  • Read – a lot of people are stimulated and inspired by reading
    • Bible, especially Biblical prayer in all their variety
    • Biographies of inspiring believers in history
    • Books – anything spurs you to pray
  • Daily plan – get disciplined but not religious (heartless duty) about prayer
    • This isn’t just about a quiet time
    • Discipline is required – Set yourself reminders
    • Pray as a conversation rather than just an appointment
    • Appointments will make sure you don’t forget
    • Put ‘God’ rather than ‘prayer’ as  a subject
  • Pop up prophetic prompt
    • Sometimes a name or a situation comes ‘out of the blue’ in your mind
    • Turn that thought to prayer
    • Get in touch with the person and tell them you prayed for them
    • Often God’s Spirit matches needs with intercessors
  • Pray through a Week Prayer calendar/church directory
    • If you have a church directory/make one – pray daily for a few people
    • Pray for different topics daily: Missions on Monday, your nation on Tuesday
  • Prayer walk your street and pray for your neighbours
  • Pray a Bible passage through the week: fruit of the Spirit, beatitudes
  • Pray for One More Soul – Pray specifically and intentionally for one person that needs to discover God’s grace

One thought on “Personal Prayer Tools

  1. Prayer Instructions from Jackie M Johnson, author:
    In the morning: Pray for wisdom, guidance, healing and favour.
    In the evening: Give thanks and gratitude for all God has done for you that day – whether you enjoyed it or endured it. [Like that last bit, about enduring.]

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