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This is probably a lifelong battle and a journey of discovery. A blueprint or a series of tips, just won’t do. I think that in order to say NO you need to start with a YES. Rather than focusing in what you should not do, focus on what you should.

For me it’s about identity.

Who am I? Why am I here? As a disciple of Jesus I believe I have a destiny. My story isn’t really about me but about Jesus. I live to please Him and serve Him. Therefore I don’t live to make more money or to please people. I don’t live to make a name for myself. This sets me free from many inward battles. By no means is the war won yet. In fact it’s a daily struggle. But it’s a good start.

One of the greatest moments of revelation in a person’s life is the moment we understand that we are uniquely created with quirks and talents with dreams and weakness – nevertheless an original. We were created to serve God and bless others through who we are. The moment we figure that, we will find it a lot easier to say YES to what really matters, and play our part.

I need to learn to look for YES opportunities in the mundane as well as the exceptional. And when I see them – to boldly seize them, almost hearing God’s imperceptible whisper that pushes me on. And to fill my life with such moments. But there’s no naiveté. There are many things that just need to be done. They are not YES moments. They might simply be WHY NOT.

It’s about thinking right and choosing right – rather than succumbing to the tyranny of the urgent or the demand of the insecure selfish ‘me’ or the unrealistic overbearing expectations people can sometimes place on us.

And in all of this – I have a strong ally. God himself. Jesus lived such a life and He gifted me the Counselor who helps me daily. He is patient with me and so gracious. I can talk to Him (prayer) and listen to His words (Scripture) and often he sends spiritually wise people who assist me in this relentless pursuit for a YES life.

3 thoughts on “SAY ‘YES’ TO SAY ‘NO’

  1. Very true, I know I have to be thankful for each day and for what I have, but most of all Christ in me is important, allowing Him to be in the centre.

  2. I think we are often guilty of creating false dichotomies. We then disagree about which one is right when the error was to demand a choice. When James says submit to God and resist the devil which one should we go for? The answer, of course, is both because they are two sides of the same coin. When we say ‘yes’ to one course of action, by default we say ‘no’ to another. Its liberating to realise there is no right answer.

    I think you’re right in saying its about identity and when you realise God has given you a worth and a purpose you become able to say no even when the question is posed as a decision to do God’s will or not. The expectations and behaviours that are placed on, and expected of us become subservient to God’s greater purpose in which God does not expect you to do what you’re told but to seek first his kingdom.

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