I am a huge productivity fan. If I can use the organizational tools available to be more efficient and ‘sharp’ – that’s gotta be a serious plus. Here are some recent lessons re-learned through observations and mistakes.

I need to be organised. If I’m not – I fear that I could slip into laziness – which might be the default genetic drive for the vast majority of us.

In a world peppered with distractions and an avalanche of social media whispers – attention and focus are increasingly becoming a commodity. In my job/vocation, I fulfill multiple roles: communicating, training, ‘counselling’ as well as plenty of admin to support those issues.

These might be very basic and obvious but there’s nothing like getting the simple stuff right.

  • check your diary at the start of the week. If you don’t have one – get one. If you have integrated electronic devices, try to sync your PC, phone, tablet for greater ease. Google calendar does the job perfectly for me.
  • make a ‘to do’ list in order or urgency or priority. start with the important and spread things out throughout the week.
  • schedule your prep. If your prep – like mine – does involve creative thinking – find your most creative environment/time and book that in.
  • if you have meetings, take time to double-check the other person(s) have remembered. Never assume. It might be a ‘faff’ but it can save you a journey, time and the red mist descending.
  • create a template of the week that stays put – with a little flexibility here and there. when people ask you about a meeting you can think of your template and have an idea of when it can happen.
  • If you are hosting something where other people are involved – send them an encouraging: ‘I look forward’ message. This will spur them on and make them even more excited about your event and it will serve as an unobtrusive gentle reminder.
  • don’t copy and paste but learn about your vocation, your personality and your areas of weakness and strength. Learn to adapt and shape in order to serve your increased productivity.

What works for you?

What have you learned?

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