Reflections From a Season in Ministry


Although I am not a fully fledged subscriber to any pastor/author/theologian fan club – I must admit that I owe a lot to John Piper. I remember being offered Desiring God not long after the ‘wall came down’ and it seemed a deep and complex book to read with my limited English theological vocabulary.

In the past 5+ years I have come to discover the great drive to be more satisfied in Him as He is most glorified in me. A God-centred pursuit of a life lived well, for His honour.

Recently JP retired from his position at BBC in Minneapolis in order to pursue an even more active role as an author. In a recent interview he highlighted a few things that are his reflections of his years in ministry – so far.

Here is what ‘stuck’ with me:

  • you’ve always got regrets – he never felt like he has done a great job. This was not just a clichéd stance but an honest appraisal.
  • you’re never totally sure about making the right choice between the urgent, the necessary and the important.
  • better pastors make better preachers
  • it’s ok to be frustrated about fruitless meetings
  • regarding the church – don’t let your optimism or pessimism be dictated by the culture
  • always hope for revival

All those thoughts have encouraged me greatly as both a leader and a pastor with my ‘L’ plates on.

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