Mothering Sunday is a great day. In fact they should make a rule to have it celebrated daily. All year around. Well worth it. Except the over priced customary paraphanelia….

I wonder how many people treat it as a celebration and how many as a necessary inconvenience?
It’s easy to pretend and go with flow. How much authentic heart-felt affection and appreciation is there on display?

‘God loved us…..and sent His Son. 1 John 4:10

This is so brilliant.

An intention backed with an action. God did not sympathise with our fallen alienated state but provided a solution. True love. A love that made a journey, descending into my fallen world. A love that became flesh and bone. A love hat did not keep the distance, quarantined in safety.

A love that cost so much. I could never comprehend what it’s like for a parent to see an only offspring die. For others. Undeservingly. And with the possibility some might never bother to see that it was instead of them.

That is love. True love. A love worth knowing. A love worth worth shouting from he rooftops.

Do you know it?


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