Last week I was strolling on the beach admiring the natural residue that the sea had left behind. There was the usual amalgam of seaweed and shells, things that you would certainly expect to see. As I was admiring the variety of shapes, I stumbled across something more exquisite.

They were almost marble like pieces of glass. Different shapes. Different levels of transparency. But most of the flat. Most likely they were fragments of discarded glass that had been thrown away as refuse. Possibly sharp as they were initially broken. Useless and maybe even dangerous. Yet tossed around by the waves of the sea they are likely to have ended up totally transformed and far away from where they were discarded.

A journey perhaps not dissimilar to that of a disciple of Christ. Before He meets us we are full of sharp corners that are likely to cut and hurt (ourselves and others). Often regarded as useless and thrown away. Maybe not literally but certainly ignored and isolated by loneliness and seclusion.

Yet once you meet HIM, something happens. It’s a journey full of waves and hardship that pepper that glorious metamorphosis that is slowly taking place. Often unseen from our own vantage point but certainly pretty evident to those around us. His grace and love, slowly and painfully begin to round off the sharp edges.

And what emerges, has an almost natural jewel like quality.

An unexpected gift, in an unexpected place, by an unexpected process.

I am so glad that there has been one day in my life when HE took hold of me and started changing me. putting off the old self and clothing me in HIS righteousness. Ad HE does that every day. Patiently. Graciously. Painfully.

I celebrate that I have the privilege of HIM writing ‘work in progress’ over my life daily.

One thought on “UNEXPECTED GIFT

  1. hi CM
    Are we the jagged glass or is the glass the broken and twisted stuff we meet.
    If we didn’t meet the jagged stuff nothing would get pulverised in us. Don’t we need the JG to shape us. Should we really exhaust ourselves asking God to take away Troubles,Trials,Pain etc? They could be the best thing that ever happened to those people (or Me!) The Bipolar problem I’ve had for 20 years as been to m good, it has shaped me and helped clean up my act (So Lord Bring it On!!) Romans 8 v28. As you know I’m not a cynic or one of those blokes who sadly sit on the top of poles) As Major Thomas used to say”For this we have Jesus!!)

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