Here are my final two suggestions as an alternative to the traditional Quiet Time.


As someone who is pretty easily drawn to social media distractions by regularly checking Twitter, Facebook, blogs, I realise that there are numerous short quiet moments that can be used to steal away time with God, in praise, reflection, reading and intercession. so, just as much as you feel the urge to check your soc. media – turn to Him instead.
I guess it takes discipline stirred by a sense of affection for God and a hunger for intimacy to ignore the siren call of social media or media in order to invest that time vertically.
This should be seen as a relational experience rather than meticulous guilt driven ‘to do’ list. Also, this should not be the only way to connect with God as it could be potentially rushed and superficial.


For some reason we seem to love systems (quiet time type, daily reading notes) rather than relationship driven devotion. Maybe because it seems more ‘instant’ and requires less concentration, attention and initiative….
I see it as a crucial that we talk about spiritual growth in the context of a relationship with God. A relationship infused with grace, not examined by a check list God. A relationship in which I pursue intimacy with God out of a deep affection for Him.
This will require a deep sense of priority determined by my great hunger and thirst for Him, knowing that as a consequence I myself will be enriched and equipped.

One thought on “DAYLONG DEVOTION #3

  1. Some of us do need the treasure island of a “Quiet Time”amidst the tossing waves of noise beating against us. It’s scary to be quiet, and in my case not mouthing off and putting my foot in it. After 54 years of being a Christian I’e tried all sorts to keep in touch, I followed Watchman Nee amongst his pots and pans. Ive come back to “QT” again added to which i also commune on the bus, when I’m ill but I admit I’ve got long way to go to even approach Watchman!!

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