DOUBLE LISTENINGSome of you were worried I was replacing quiet time with a quiet time. Not so.

Also a disclaimer. this is my own customized way of engaging with God all day long rather than exercising a religious set of practices. I don’t claim that they are the best or always suited for everyone, but I see them as healthier options for my own growth in affection for the Saviour and those around me.

I half borrow the term from John Stott. You learn to live through the ordinariness of a mundane day that involves, study, work, family time and leisure – with an acute awareness of God’s work in your world.
You see people through His eyes. You listen to their questions and think of what Jesus would say to them. You learn to pray for those around you, in the moment.You think of the news items and examine of how they fit in with the Biblical narrative. What s God thinking about ur world? What would God want to change in our world? Talk to God about what you see in our world, praying that His Kingdom comes

Equally, you read the Scriptures and wonder how do they relate to your context as well as the wider cultural mindset.
  • Try not to fill the quiet spots of your day with noise. Converse with God instead. Be honest about frustrations. Tell Him about your longings.
  • If you walk a lot, worship, either aided by an MP 3 player or simply praying praise.
  • When you hear the news, pray for these issues
  • Learn to read the Scripture in crowded as well as secluded places. It will enhance your experience of it.
  • Anticipate opportunities where you can pray with neighbours or colleagues who face difficulties, praying that His kingdom will break out.
  • As you meet people, ask God if He wants you to say or do something for them
  • People or situations often pop in your head for no apparent reason. Turn them to prayer.
  • Make your ordinary mundane encounters/spaces environments where you acknowledge that God is present.

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