Following my post yesterday regarding ‘quiet time’, here are some suggestions for developing a lifestyle of daylong devotion.

Rather than seeing it as QT that you must do out of guilt, see it as a spiritually healthy way to start the day. You can remind yourself of God’s identity and release your anxiety.

It’s a great way to equipp yourself with His strength to face the opportunities and challenges of the day ahead. It is a healthy way to recognise your inability and to celebrate His sufficiency.

It’s tempting to miss this with the excuse that you might not be a ‘morning person’. Just as much as expert nutritionists(ie your mum) would stress that breakfast is the most important meall of the day, starting your ‘spiritual metabolism’ is essential for your well being.

Wake up earlier. You always have time then. It’s quieter. You are fresher(ish).
Wash. Eat. Brew. Exercise. Do whatever it takes to be fresh.
Start with what’s real to you in that moment, fears and all. Don’t pretend.
Surrender yourself to God’s destiny and mission
Remind yourself of the eternal perspective of your ultimate destination.
Ask the Holy Spirit to make the Scriptures become God’s very breath for you
Ask the Holy Spirit to imprint something of a gift you can take and impart throughout the day
Talk to God about those that are on your mind and heart
Stop reading/talking for a moment and ask the Holy Spirit to remind, convict and encourage you

More suggestion for daylong devotion to follow.


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