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Someone asked me recently about choosing a church when moving a new area.
Here are some of (my personal) tips for choosing/finding a church.

It needs to be unashamedly Christ-centred and Christ exalting. If they talk more about themselves, their denomination and their projects – rather than Jesus – it’s not good sign…

It needs to Biblical – holding on to the authority of Scripture. Preaching and teaching God’s word vs. human ideas or ideals.

It needs to be Spirit-led – ministering in His power rather than just running activities.

It needs to be missional – reaching people with the Good News of Jesus, both through word and deed. The Good News incarnate into our communities.

It needs to love people and value community – rather than just having a life based on attending services like a gig. Small groups are a sign of health in this.

It needs to be relevant but not hip. Making things clear and linking them with our day-to-day lives and issues without becoming obsessed with style and trends.

It needs to value discipleship – the transformational call of Jesus who loves us as we are but loves us far too much to just leave us as we are.

You will never find a perfect church and you need to make compromises often. It’s just making the right compromises. Prayer, thoughtful reflection and conversation with spiritually smart people are always helpful.

Always go with looking for a church with the heart of a servant rather than that of a consumer.

Church is never about a building, a brand or a project. It is about the people who make it up and their values and lifestyles.

Find that place where people most resemble Christ and where you can grow in Christ-likeness!

If possible – just like your produce – local is best!

Hope this helps.

4 thoughts on “(my) TIPS FOR CHOOSING A CHURCH

  1. Reblogged this on Just A Closer Walk With Thee and commented:
    I liked this article about choosing a church. I was talking to my friend, SB, (via text) and we said that although we don’t always agree with everything in our church we feel that this is the place we are supposed to be.

    I said: “It’s like any relationship or friendship. You don’t always agree but you don’t just walk away. You need stickability.” I can’t remember if it was Liz Babbs or Carolyn Leutwiler who talks about not becoming a ‘church consumer’ but there are people who do flit from one spiritual ‘home’ to another. Maybe that is needed for some people but there is a danger of treating going to church like going to a supermarket – and again, a lot of concentration on ‘what’s right for me.’ Maybe it’s best to just settle down with one place that you feel comfortable with and see how it goes. We’ll see.

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