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Another hospital visit where, aside from the many great blessings of the NHS, I witnessed what great service really looks like.The ‘orthopedic practitioner’ was a young-ish guy that was just brilliant. He was genuinely compassionate, as if he was treating one of his closest relatives. He was inventive when he had to improvise. He was not afraid to share something of his personal experience of pain with an injury.

It did not make the pain and discomfort ‘go away’, but boy it made a whole lot of a difference in how the patient felt regarding how they were treated.

You might say – ‘what’s so novel about that?’ And you could well be right. But this struck me at a couple of levels.

First, it’s worth blogging something positive regarding how we are treated. Too often we are enraged, bitter and disappointed – and often for a justifiable reason. And yet we seem to be so slow in offering praise where praise is due.

Secondly, I could tell that for this man – this wasn’t just a job. This was his vocation. This was his dream. It was the reason he would get up in the morning and for him this was his way of changing the world. And I admire that. Too often, too many of us run around like in impersonal army of robots, simply doing what we have to do to earn the cash that pays the mortgage and feeds the kinds. And I know many people who are in jobs that ‘stink’. And they keep at it – which so great.

Yet I wonder if there could be a way to inject some passion and servant-spirit in whatever we do. Or even better – for those who are Christ-followers – serve as unto the LORD, making our job an opportunity for worship.

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