Yesterday I happened to be around the local hospital and on the first day of the year it seemed eerily quiet, almost tranquil as opposed to the normal hustle and bustle. As I was…busy… trying to sort something out and get to a rest room, outside the door, there was a homeless busker.

He seemed cheerful and maybe a bit merry but was polite and chatty. He was probably the first person in flesh and blood to wish me a happy new year, apart from my family, this year.

Yet, I was in a rush, and to my shame, I just ignored him.

Not even an almost embedded in my DNA, British polite smile…


I had no time for him.

Not even for a thank you.

To be fair, I don’t think he minded. His calloused emotions are probably accustomed to rejection. I was just another one of those guys…Busy…

I never thought much until I was reflection on it before going to bed.

And I must have physically blushed with embarrassment. I was ashamed of my ignorance and carelessness.

I should have been greeting him, yet he greeted me. I should have looked him in the eye, shaken his hand and said thank you.

I am glad I know a God who forgives, gives grace and many second chances.

It’s a timely reminder at the start of a new year – of how I DON’T want to live.

God, help me to see people more than I see things. Help me to be less self-obsessed and more attentive to the world around me. Help me to be so full of the Holy Spirit and grace that people mistake me for Jesus more often. I can’t do this – but you can!

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