As promised, here is ‘part deux’ of my last post:
This are some thoughts/reflections…
Some might be redundant/irrelevant…
I am sure that some can be phrased better…
They are numerous…
They require time/reflection.prayer/examination….that often leaders don’t have or make room for.
But if this is done as a personal evaluation before God and for the congregation and as an opportunity for leadership development – all this rather than have a ‘I have have to fill this form, sigh…’ attitude – then it can be very, very profitable indeed.


  1. In one sentence state your kingdom mandate for your church community?
  2. Are you a missional community or a community that does some missional activities?
  3. Has your congregation been growing vertically in their affection and adoration for God? How?
  4. Has your congregation been growing in spiritual maturity? How?
  5. Has your congregation been training/releasing servant leaders? How?
  6. How is your church’s prayer life?
  7. Is your church a family or an event, in terms of relational maturity?
  8. Has your congregation seen evidences of the supernatural work of God’s power?
  9. What is your church’s greatest hinderance/frustration/hurdle right now?
  10. What would your town/city/area miss if your church disappeared of the spiritual map of the place?

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