A few weeks ago I had to fill in a form – similar to a personal evaluation form – for my denominations. I struggled with the questions both in essence as well as form. Not anyone’s fault. Could be just me….

I had written this down and very kindly the respective board asked my input on a more suitable set of questions.  I will write the personal ones today and the church community ones in the next few days. Here they are:


  • This are some thoughts/reflections…
  • Some might be redundant/irrelevant…
  • I am sure that some can be phrased better…
  • They are numerous…
  • They require time/reflection.prayer/examination….that often leaders don’t have or make room for.
But if this is done as a personal evaluation before God and for the congregation and as an opportunity for leadership development – all this rather than have a ‘I have to fill this form, sigh…’ attitude – then it can be very, very profitable indeed.

  1. What has God been teaching you in the last year?
  2. How has Scripture been affecting you in the last year?
  3. Have you wanted to quit? Do you want to quit? Why/why not
  4. What has been your personal ‘high’ & ‘low’ in ministry this year?
  5. What role does prayer play in your weekly schedule?
  6. Have you been a leader in your family first? How?
  7. Have you set an example to your local community? How?
  8. In what ways has the Holy Spirit found you more available for faith/supernatural acts this year?
  9. How do you see the ‘flock’ God has entrusted you to shepherd?
  10. Are there any sinful attitudes/habits that you have been convicted & restored in the last year?

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