People matter more than programmes. It is easy to be under pressure to be creative and visionary. As you read blogs and listen to podcasts from the movers and the shakers – you can get to the place where you get distracted and impatient with the ordinary encounters with people. And that will be the beginning of your downfall… Jesus always noticed people!

Leadership matters. If you keep developing as a leader and helping to train and release leaders – you will experience a greater sense of blessing in your ministry. Read, listen, sift, learn, apply, customize. Lead in such a way that Christ is replicated in other leaders too. Jesus had a great team and formed good leaders!

Setting right priorities ministry is crucial. Expectations will ‘fly’ at you daily. From within (as you read what others are doing/dream of what ‘could be’) and from outside (overseers, leaders, congregation, community). If you respond to the urgent – you can forfeit the important. Learning to please God and fulfil His commission in your life/ministry is a vital skill. The actions should only flow out of that. Jesus had a clear agenda, to please the Father, be led by the Spirit and proclaim the Gospel (verbally & tangibly).

You need to pray just as much if not more than prepping, planning, preaching and visiting. We hardly had a lecture on personal prayer or pastoral prayer. Because we live in a workaholic culture here in the Western world – it seems like an excuse to schedule and spend a significant amount of time in prayer. Resist the temptation to bypass this. Jesus withdrew to pray for a significant amount of time!

If you dislike confrontation, you are likely to try to please man more than God. Conflicts are part of the package for any Christian leader. You serve/lead people and where people are involved there are messy conflicts. Some leaders get a ‘kick’ out of ‘sorting’ people out – and that’s dangerous and thankfully rare. Most leaders pretend/avoid/postpone dealing with conflict and cause greater problems, all this out of fear of upsetting or losing people. Jesus was never shy in dealing with conflict, in truth and grace!

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