QUESTIONS for Church Ministry


I had to fill in some work related reports in the past week and that set in motion a whole set of questions regarding evaluations in church ministry. For sure, to some of the questions I already have some answers, to others I have would write the answers in pencil and to some I have no clue at all. Here they are:

  • I wonder what God is evaluating?

  • wonder what really matters in the Kingdom?

  • How do we define success in the Kingdom?

  • How do make sure that growth in-depth is not sacrificed at the expense of growth in width, and vice versa?

  • How do we avoid falling in the trap of making money, the people in attendance, the projects we run in the community and the number of ministries we have in the church (though they matter for sure) – the benchmark of success?

  • Do we need to evaluate things – think ‘mustard seed parable’ or the ‘parable of the sower’?

  • How do we avoid (safeguards) the dangers of pride manifested through a sense of failure or feeling like we ‘made it’?

  • If the ultimate goal is the divine ‘well done, good and faithful servant’ – does it matter if we are successful according to our human evaluation markers?

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