I know that Father’s Day is probably a fake comercial invention sparked by some egalitarian brain and some card company. i cant be bothered to Google it up. It comes and it goes. We dutifully buy some tack for our dads, get angry at their absence or maybe shed at tear for their departure.

If you have a dad that has been arround and is arround, let me tell you, you’re unique and that’s a bonus worth celebrating these days. But this post isn’t about dad but my Heavenly Father. hHe deserves my thanks, and not just today…

Father God I thank you that you are my Creator. In your amazing intelligent design you knitted me in my mamma’s womb and with all my shortfalls I still am the very best unique version of ‘me’. I thank you that you sent your only SON to pay the ransom for my sin and enable me to come back home. To you.

You did not lecture me.
You did bestow upon me favour I have not merited and could have never earned.
You surprise me daily with your often understated yet very real love.
You have a patience that betas ‘hands down’ even the amazing patience of driving instructors who see a daft pupil at the steering wheel of a vehicle for he very first time.
You counsell and comfort me through your Spirit.
You have adopted me in your family and have given me an inheritance beyond my wildest dreams.
You are so holy and majestic, yet so gentle and welcoming.
You are so otherworldly that I should call you Sir, Majesty, YRH, but you aske me to call you DADDY.

I thank you today and every day you will grant me breath…

And I pray for the fatherless today, for those who never knew their dad, for those with dads arround but robbed by that thief Alzheimers of their real self, for those who hate their dad and what they did to them and the family or those who maybe are missing a great dad so badly.

Father reveal yourself (again, afresh) to them today! Let them see and know how great you are! Let the, feel your loving kindness and mercy even now.


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