Everyday most of us live with an illusion as common as the passing of time. We tell ourselves and we act as if we are in control. We make lists, we enter appointments in our diaries, we plan holidays and we try to figure our long-term ambitions. It makes us feel content and in control. And it feels good….

Strangely we don’t realize this and we certainly would not want to believe that this is just an illusion. Until, something happens, that derails the schedule and messes up the plans. We all might react differently, but one thing is for sure, we do react. It’s as if our lives have been hit by an invisible interior tornado that leaves us either angry, sad or simply ‘frozen’.

It can be a bill, a doctor’s report, that dreaded meeting in the boss’s office, the long overdue discussion with a spouse that is ‘moving on’, the news that the struggling person in your family is back in the claws of addiction again – all moments that make that inner peace we once had, fade away like a rising fog. For some this is so sudden – they crumble straight away. For others, this is the beginning of spiraling descent into despair.

The harsh truth is – we are not in control. Job’s story reminded me of that afresh. No matter how secure we seem to be – it can crumble. We are vulnerable and weak and can’t even foresee the next 12 minutes of our lives. I could paint some scenarios, but the post is sobering enough as it is.

You might say that it’s a pessimistic view of life and it’s future. You might prefer to ignore its realism. Yet, I suggest another avenue. That of surrender. Acknowledging our frailty and recognizing our dependency. We are not in control – so better to surrender to the ONE who is.

It’s exactly what Job did, not in a cowardly way of a push-over, but with a wisdom that proclaims that the LORD has given and the LORD has taken, blessed be His name. He can be trusted with the ‘good’ as well as the ‘bad’. Although Job struggled with the painful reality of his trials – he was confident that his hope in GOD will not betray him: ‘for I know that my redeemer lives’

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