Leadership matters! If you had a boss, you know it does. If you are a boss, you know it does. You can lead as an encourager or as a tyrant. You can inspire or bore people to death. You can be an example or a hypocrite. And whatever end you find yourself at – you need help. Either help to lead or help to help the leaders.

Yesterday evening we had a chance to explore a couple of leadership lessons. I acknowledge that being in a church setting , I focused on a Biblical character. And since I could choose, I went for Moses, one of my favourite Old Testament leaders.

It all starts with a CALLING. Although God was at work, behind the scenes, as soon as he was born, the calling came much later. I would have mistakenly guessed that God planed a ‘inside job’ at Pharao’s palace with Moses’ fortunate adoption. But God worked differently.

Having been on such a joyride at the palace, Moses needed to come to the place where he had to realize that this wasn’t a man-centered, superhero mission. He tried, and he failed. Lesson learned. Seemingly sidelined for nearly 40 (forty!!) years.

It was all about an encounter, a revelation of both the greatness of God and the weakness of man. And as Moses drops the superhero act and stops the DIY, all you find is a humble(d) man who although honored by God’s call, keeps saying: ‘I can’t…’

Yet in that memorable encounter something happened. Moses’ inadequacy was the perfect fit for God’s ability. Here was a leader in the making who was willing to risk, serve God and love people. All because he saw something, heard something and stepped up to God’s challenging call to lead.

If you feel like God is raising you up as a leader, don’t do it to cover-up your insecurities or lured by the lie that leadership is glamorous. Don’t push yourself forward. No one in the Bible was self-anointed… Listen carefully to God’s call. Listen to the discerning (not just well-wishing, wishy-washy, nice Christian) believers around you. Don’t be to shy either, as that can be a subtle form of pride too. If God has gifted and called you – the world would miss God’s gift through you, if you shy away…

Christian leadership calling simplified: It’s not about you, your passion or even the noble cause and the people it represents – it’s all about God. In you. Through you.

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