Rather than attempting to do a a wordy review, which I am sure many others could mange to craft far better than I ever would, I just want to highlight why I enjoyed it so much.

1. It reminded me of a childhood story that has all the essential themes of a hero/heroine engaged in a battle between good and evil.

2. It really was a page turner for me, written at a brilliant pace, without any unnecessary detail (to my shame I could never finish The Hobbit because of that).

3. It is written in a pictorial style. This has got to be one of my favourite features of this type of fiction. I genuinely created a movie in my head as I was reading it. (it would be interested how my mind’s images match the vision of the director).

4. It describes a dystopian society segregated in two. One that seems to resemble a Victorian age poverty stricken society, the other something futuristic out of a polished sci-fi movie.

5. It does have the obligatory love interest and ‘relationship’ lark. The way it is described and handled had me far more interested than the Twilight saga, which I found a tad female reader oriented. This is far more restrained and uncertain. Which keeps you guessing….and wanting to read more.

6. It is über contemporary in conveying the modern obsession with a voyeuristic media. As a reader you find yourself both appalled at the crassness of the spectators while you yourself are an involuntary participant, as you read on.

7. It has an ethical moral edge. It gets people talking and debating. It has the innocent wrapper of a teenage adventure while describing a totalitarian political regime with all the spin and fears known to any of those who experienced such a life.

8. It has a likeable set of heroes. Both Katniss and Peeta are vulnerable, humble and unsuspecting heroes. They are the outsiders that manage not to take themselves too seriously. So far, not many reasons not to see them as almost role models (manipulation and survival killing aside, of course).

9. The motivation of Katniss is truly heroic. She dos what she does out of love and care for her family. You could not have a greater reason to cheer for her.

10. You just know that after reading the first book you WILL want to know if they will have a relationship, what about Gale, will their rebellion create ripples, and how will the despotic government react?

This thoughts are based on just reading the first book in the trilogy.


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