We live in a noisy world. Step into a supermarket, especially today, and you will hear the confusing hum of tens of different voices. You’re in the car and something is on he radio. Your phone beeps with text message alerts. You have a new ‘like’ on Facebook or a new Tweet just sprouted up.

We are the generation that multi task par excellence and noise is our constant companion. And maybe for many silence is a threat just because of that. It makes us feel lonely and isolated. It makes us feel like we are missing out. It actually leaves us with ourselves.

And that, perhaps is our greatest fear. We often don’t like to think about ourselves. Not like that anyway. Not about the problems and the dreads. Not about the hurts and the betrayals. Not about the unfulfilled dreams and the many question marks. So, noise becomes our panacea for all that we fear might surface if we let silence settle.

Today is the silent day during Holy Week. Nothing written about it. Much speculated. What happened to Jesus? Where did He go? What did He do? Questions we will never probably find a certain answer to, this side of eternity.

Yet to me this is all I need to now. Silence has it’s place. It is that dreaded ‘dash’ that splits the tragedy from triumph in the Gospel story. Silence normalises our mundane struggles with this ‘in between’ stage of our journey. The silence of not yet answered prayers. The silence of waiting for a result. The silence of a God that seems uninvolved or uninterested in your issue.

Yet you and I know that this is not the end. This is just a passage. A stage in the journey. And something glorious is ahead. So take heart and…enjoy the silence. Switch the devices off. Allow your ears and eyes to connect with a new reality. Let Him, the Father who saw His only Son mangled by the ones He came to save, let Him hear you and speak to you in that silence. Don’t hide from Him. He understands…

If you can, enjoy the silence….


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