We all enjoy a good service in a restaurant or a shop and often that can be the single most effective way of making sure we go back. Businesses know this only too well and that’s why some excel and others fail. Customer service can make or break a brand’s reputation, and often that is irreversible.

Yet it isn’t about that kind of service that I want to write on this day during Holy Week when we remember one of the most remarkable episodes in Jesus’ life and ministry. As the disciples were all gathered for the Passover festival and He was supposed to be the centre of attention, as their teacher, He did something staggering.

He chose to act as the house servant, doing the obligatory job for his master’s guests. He washed off the dirt and dust from their feet, readying them for the meal. This was inappropriate and surprising. Yet it wasn’t just a PR stunt, like many that we see in today’s savvy marketing strategies. It was an incarnational, literally hands on demonstration of what Jesus was all about.

He did it because He knew they would remember.
He did it because He was modelling a different kind of leadership.
He did it because He loved them and cared for them.
He did it to establish the value of humility and servanthood for His kingdom.
He did it because He knew this would become an example for many generations to come.
He did it because He was not arrogant, snobbish or image driven.
He did it because in His weakness there was greatness.

Let’s make it personal. Don’t leave this episode just for the paintings and commentaries. Let it become a motivational reminder that causes people just like me and you to become part of a new revolution. A revolution that chooses to despise arrogance and pride and embraces a humble selfless sacrificial servanthood. Just ask the Spirit of God to open your eyes and ears, move your heart, inspire your mind and use your hands and feet to encourage and bless others. And then, just do it!


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