It has been nearly a month since the last edition. Easily explained looking at the area covered (Numbers 4 – Joshua 1) and a ‘dry’ spell in blogging.

★ The intricate instructions for the Israelite worship were a pale reflection of the complexity and richness of YHWH’s character and nature.

★ God was concerned that his statutes would be explained and passed on to the coming generations. God desired influence not just information.

★ Stand up for truth even when the lie seems to have the popular vote. # Joshua and Caleb

★ A complaining attitude has forgetfulness and ungratefulness as its parents. # Israelites

★ God has richly equipped the nation with judicial, ethical, medical and spiritual advice. # the Law

★ It seems ironic that God is generously patient and merciful to Israel because of Moses’ intercession, yet Moses pays the price for his disobedience. # leadership standards and suffering

★ Sometimes we can forfeit our long-term future through a short-term foolishness. # Moses

★ God raises a new leader in the context of a sad departure. Often the dynamics of the kingdom mean that as something dies, something else is birthed. # Joshua

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